56 cm x 63 cm satellite dish

Designed to last
-63 cm x 57 cm offset aluminium satellite dish for satellite signal reception.
-Provides an outstanding performance against corrosion, thanks to the aluminium reflector and the stainless steel screws.
-The structure was designed to make the mounting easier.

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-Robust structure: flexible LNB support and clamp, made of a special polymer reinforced with glass fibre
-Aluminium arm that allows the concealing of the cable layout on the inside
-Robust mounting with Zamak clamp and support , as well as two U-bolts
-Optimized design to make mounting easier

Main features
-Stainless steel reflector and screws
-Adjustable elevation angle from 0º to 90º
-An hex wrench is integrated in the LNB support itself for nut adjustment
-The LNB is fixed on its support even without any screws
-Includes Televes logo