3072 subscribers

Up to 3072 subscribers
The Optical Line Termination (OLT) is a headend that distributes IP services over optical fiber using the GPON protocol. It is in charge of managing and adapting the services to the subscribers’ profiles and their devices, allowing the distribution and commercialization of Quad Play signals (Internet, TV, telephony, etc).
Specifically designed for the residential environment, OLT3072 can serve up to 3072 subscribers with total rates of 2.5 Gbps/1.24 Gbps (downstream/upstream) on each GPON port.
The OLT is a modular system, which consists of the frame with a power supply unit (ref. 769420), 3 slots to install the 16 PON boards (ref. 769422), and 2 slots to install the back plane switch 2×10 Gbps (ref. 769421).

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User friendly configuration via WEB
Easy CLI (Command Line Interface) configuration option
Remote management and monitoring
Up to 60 km range

Main features
19″-rack installation, 3U height
Up to 3 boards with 16 PON ports for up to 64 users each
Up to 2 modules of Gigabit Ethernet ports for 2x1GbE Uplink traffic
AC/DC adapter included