130 cm x 141 cm satellite dish

Areas with poor satellite coverage
Large offset aluminium satellite dish (141 cm x 130 cm) for the reception of satellite signals in areas with reduced satellite coverage footprint.
Supplied in white colour (RAL 9002) and individual packing.

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-Made of aluminium and using stainless screws for maximum protection against corrosion
-LNB support made of black UV-resistant ABS plastic , for 40 mm horn antennas
-Polyester-paint oven-lacquered reflector and arm
-The 30 mm-wide arm ensures an outstanding stability

Main features
-Two 12 mm stainless-steel braces to prevent vibrations on the LNB arm
-Robust mounting with hot-galvanized finish
-Elevation angle adjustable in the 30° to 80° range
-For 60 mm-masts
-Includes Televes logo