Introducing the CMC System

A Smarter Way to CCTV Coverage

Our Products

CMC Solutions offers a wide range of innovative products that are durable, energy-saving, and most importantly, captures clear images on demand. Designed and implemented for future expandability and minimal maintenance, all of its CCTV products come under an 12 months warranty with a repair service response of 7 days.

From your home to your office, CMC Solutions has a variety of digital surveillance options.

We specialized in providing end-to-end security solution for various industries.

What We Do


Customized Solutions

We provide free consultation to understand your unique needs. Our consultants will analyse your requirements and design a solution just for you.



All of our technicians are trained to find the best possible spot to install and maximise the CCTV visual coverage area for surveillance.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 12 months warranty period with 24 hours maintenance service. We will conduct a scheduled follow-up service to ensure that your device is working.